Bugs for Breakfast

I’m amazed at how hard our wren mother works all day long! While she’s feeding her babies, she’s also cutting down on our bug and mosquito population. We are all grateful for her dedication and companionship.


Visitor After a Hail Storm

Could this be an Indian rabbit, wearing her bindi (small devotional dot) on her forehead? I hope to be one of her followers throughout the summer.

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Tiny House

Wrens are champions of the Tiny House movement!




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Two poems my Emily Dickinson perfectly express my feelings upon seeing this bobolink during a morning meadow walk.






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The Way to know the Bobolink
From every other Bird
Precisely as the Joy of him—
Obliged to be inferred.

Of impudent Habiliment
Attired to defy,
Impertinence subordinate
At times to Majesty.

Of Sentiments seditious
Amenable to Law—
As Heresies of Transport
Or Puck’s Apostacy.

Extrinsic to Attention
Too intimate with Joy—
He compliments existence
Until allured away

By Seasons or his Children—
Adult and urgent grown—
Or unforeseen aggrandizement
Or, happily, Renown—

By Contrast certifying
The Bird of Birds is gone—
How nullified the Meadow—
Her Sorcerer withdrawn!


Some keep the Sabbath going to Church –
I keep it, staying at Home –
With a Bobolink for a Chorister –
And an Orchard, for a Dome –
Some keep the Sabbath in Surplice –
I, just wear my Wings –
And instead of tolling the Bell, for Church,
Our little Sexton – sings.
God preaches, a noted Clergyman –
And the sermon is never long,
So instead of getting to Heaven, at last –
I’m going, all along.
-Emily Dickinson

Keeping Cool

Friends in my yard demonstrated two great ways to survive the heat today.







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Uncommonly Common

I too often take for granted the complex designs and beauty of the wildlife and habitats I frequently see.



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Rainy Day Front Porch

I don’t care if it rains as long as I can sit on my front porch. The rabbit agrees.




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Nature’s Art Forms

Landscape, portraiture and sculpture were present during my morning exploration at the pond. A phoebe seemed to enjoy posing, while a heron was statuesque and a bit of a trickster.



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