Pool Party

The birds have a season’s pass to the baths in my yard, and they have been making quite a splash during these past hot days. The hummingbird always reminds them to remember the refreshment stand.



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Begonia Run

One great thing about living in Central Massachusetts is the wide variety of wildlife that can be seen even while on quick errands. During this morning’s short nursery trip in search of a begonia, I noticed a hawk, a turkey, and a coyote. (I think I saved the turkey from an early Thanksgiving dinner).
An added bonus: I found just the right begonia.

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Color My World

What is the remedy for a rainy week? Colorful yard pictures! Look closely to find a rabbit.

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Family Affair

Taking care of babies is a family effort for the sparrows in my yard. Both Mother and Father work tirelessly to bring in food and clean the nest. They seldom get a chance to rest, stopping only occasionally for a for a quick perch on the garden solar lights. The birdhouse that is their home is “decorated” with a top of a tin can on one side. Why? To keep the local woodpecker from drilling a hole in the side to make it his own.


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Peace Accord

Swallows and ladybugs are usually at odds. In recent years, ladybugs have even been set out to entice more swallows to return to San Juan Capistrano, the annual event that draws spectators from around the world.

I recently caught these two sworn enemies resting quietly together before they both flew off on separate journeys.


Camera Time

It’s a wonderful thing to take long summer walks and photograph whatever comes your way.




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Peaceful Waters

These peaceful ponds flow a few miles from my home at the Wachusett Meadow Audubon. I enjoy a “nature get-away” frequently, and always return home feeling refreshed.


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Walking with Stella, Sadie and Stretch

In the late afternoon, Stella the Robin likes to peer down from a high branch, while Sadie the Sparrow takes a break from sitting on her eggs in a nearby nest. Stretch, the half -grown rabbit, is skittish but is becoming more used to human company.


What’s Better Than a Beautiful Nature Walk?

The answer is a nature walk that is accessible to everyone, whether that be with the help of wheelchairs, canes or other mobility enhancement equipment.
At the Wachusett Meadow Audubon, you can follow this accessible path to relax on a swing and watch the birds near feeders or take a trail to a large oak overlooking the beaver wetland.

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Do You Know Your Frogs?

The knowledgeable staff at the Wachusett Meadow Audubon clarified the types of frogs I had photographed there:
The brownish frog here is actually a Green Frog, distinguished by 2 ridges that run from behind each eye to its back legs. The frog that is mostly green is the American Bullfrog, and he will likely get much larger. Both species often share the same habitat (permanent water). Learn more about the 10 species of frogs found in Massachusetts:

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