Rainy Day Color

Everyone enjoys the Fall colors on a perfectly beautiful sun-filled day, but I also like the muted colors seen after a rain. Here are a few photos from Princeton, MA between the showers today.



It seems like the leaves are taking forever to change color in Central Massachusetts this year. Usually the leaf raking is in full swing in my yard by late October, but I have not even begun yet. (If you are from this area, you probably remember that Halloween snowstorm we had a few years back, and the havoc it caused!)
Luckily the past few days have been bursting with color. A tour of the yard today was lovely, even on this cloudy, windy day.

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From the Yard

It was a good year for hydrangea, and I dried quite a bit of it ( by putting it upright in a jar). The sedum dried quickly as well, just by hanging it away from the sun for awhile. My Never-at-Christmas Cactus completes this composition. After spending the summer in the yard, it has bloomed even earlier then usual this year.


Herring Gulls

There is so much to wonder at when visiting the ocean, that it can be difficult to focus on both the grand and small scales. I was so set on photographing a colony of seagulls I didn’t notice the wonderful pink-footed gulls who patiently followed behind me all the while.

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Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is the full Moon nearest the start of fall or the autumnal equinox. The Old Farmers Almanac says that the Harvest Moon is so named because:
“…for several evenings, the moonrise comes soon after sunset. This results in an abundance of bright moonlight early in the evening, which was a traditional aide to farmers and crews harvesting their summer-grown crops. ”
I was disheartened when I began photographing, thinking that the clouds would “get in the way” of the moon. On the contrary, the drifting cloud cover lent the moon a dreamy and evocative atmosphere.


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