Stained Glass Ice

The recent extremes in temperature have created beautiful patterns in the ice as the water froze, partially melted and then froze again.

It reminded me of stained glass, and adding various colored filters to my photos heightened the effect. I have interspersed the “originals” with the filtered versions here.


Version 3IMG_1923Version 2leavesIMG_1926IMG_1923 (2)closeVersion 2greenIMG_1925

Clever Crows

Did you know that crows are clever and adaptable? They can recognize and remember human faces, and some can even read traffic lights, so they can safely pick up food from the road!

I have been fascinated with a group of crows in the field recently. They seem shy and skittish to me. Each time I try to sneak closer for a better photograph, they fly away. I hope this is because they don’t recognize my face yet…

In folklore, seeing four crows together means wealth. We’ll see!


January Thaw, Inside and Out

It felt like early March today as a warm wind swirled around me. A perfect day for relaxing on the bench under one of my favorite trees.

Inside, my kalanchoe surely looks fired up for Spring!



Of the seven woodpecker species that can be found in Massachusetts, I’ve seen two on recent walks: the red-bellied woodpecker high in a tree, and the downy woodpecker feasting on suet. The birds’ black and white patterns with splashes of red certainly brighten up the winter landscape!

Parking Lot Bluebirds

Bluebirds are such a sight for sore eyes at this time of year! These energetic flashes of cheer were hopping on the parking lot fences today at the Wachusett Meadow Audubon. The Audubon staff is not sure whether they are just passing through, or will become Spring guests in the bluebird boxes.



Brrr! It was far too cold for me at the Audubon today, but hopefully not for this tufted titmouse sheltering under the porch roof. I saw it, feathers fluffed against the cold, resting on the grapevines before bravely venturing out to the feeders.


From My Window Pane

Nothing says a snowstorm like countless flakes stacking up on window panes. How lucky am I to watch the textures and patterns change from the warmth of my home!

I have added colors to the original photographs. These tiny white winter crystals contain all the colors of the rainbow, after all!


Ready for a Blizzard

Seen from the back, this cardinal has quite a snazzy and weatherproof coat. I hope it will help him stay snug during tomorrow’s wind and snow!


Wolf Moon Through the Apple Tree

The first Full Moon of the year is named after the howling of the wolves. January is their mating season, so they can often be heard during this month.

The moon shines through the dormant buds of my apple tree in these photographs, reminding me that Spring is hidden just underneath the coldest of nights.

IMG_5085Version 3IMG_5074IMG_5075IMG_5065

Look to the Cardinals This Year

It is widely believed that the cardinal is a spiritual messenger. But did you know that a cardinal’s bright color is associated with energy and vitality in many traditions?

Cardinals are seen twelve months of the year and mate for life, so a cardinal sighting is associated with stability, survival, and security in Native American lore.

A final reason to look for cardinals: their various calls brightens the spirit, as if cheering us on through the day.


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