16 thoughts on “Zen Winter Garden

  1. It looks so pretty. While I have heard of Zen gardens (and likely have visited some), I just realized that I don’t know what constitutes one. Is it the type of plants, or their arrangement? Both?

    1. It’s both. Zen gardens vary in style, but they are meant as a place of quiet and meditation. They usually have a stone and/or water feature. I don’t have a water feature, but the stones in my post are actually part of a “river” that runs down from the little hill and carries down into a stone path in front of the bench. The bench was fashioned from old stair steps, and is meant to be simple. It the warm months, it has a plain stone bird on it. Most of the stones on the hill were collected from beach walks or fossil collecting, so they have great meaning to me.Sculptured trees are an element of this style, so the mulberry tree you see is one we have pruned for effect. Thanks for asking.

      1. Thank you for the explanation, Julie. It sounds lovely, especially since the garden and its content is so imbued with meaning for you. I hope it affords you the peace and tranquility you crave.
        Best wishes,

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