Snowbank Lunch Break

Snow won’t deter these hardy creatures from finding a tasty meal.

Dark-eyed Junco
Mourning Dove
White-throated Sparrow
American Tree Sparrow
American Red Squirrel

Ice Dogs

Rutland State Park, Rutland, MA

A popular destination for swimming, boating and fishing in the summer, Rutland State Park transforms into a frosty site for ice fishing and skating each winter.

Revolutionary Timekeepers

The Willard House and Clock Museum, North Grafton, MA

The Willard House and Clock Museum in North Grafton, MA.

From the information board at the site:
The family of clockmakers who lived and worked in this house helped revolutionize timekeeping in America. The Willard family was one of the premiere clockmaking families during and after the American Revolution. The Willards held several patents on clockmaking innovations, and their work made clocks more widely available–while increasing their reliability.
The saltbox, a popular colonial house design, was a frame dwelling with two stories in front and one behind and a roof with a long rear slope.

Simon Willard invented the popular banjo clock, a wall clock with a banjo-shaped case.

Big Birds

Lilac Hedge Farm, Rutland, MA

In New England, emus and ostriches are rare and exotic. A recent visit to Lilac Hedge Farm provided an extraordinary opportunity to see them close up. This stately emu strutted casually through its enclosure.
Oftentimes, emus display graceful ballerina moves.
This imposing male ostrich had a a thin coating of white feathers on its head.
Two delightful juvenile ostriches regarded visitors with quiet intensity and great curiosity.
Lilac Hedge Farm is the former site of a Heifer International Educational Center. Its many acres provide ample space for both local and exotic creatures to roam.

Frozen Meadow Trek

Photos from a winter walk at Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in Princeton, MA,

It was a chilly 22 degrees at Wachusett Meadow today.
The Beaver Lodge was coated in snow and surrounded by ice.
A light layer of ice on the snow in the South Meadow shone in the low winter light.
Bluebird houses, abandoned until the spring, are a familiar sight along numerous trails.
The cross country skiers and snowshoers who trekked before me made my hike a bit easier today.

Rose Glow

Holden, Massachusetts

The pink hues of the sky at dusk contrast with the fresh fallen snow in my yard.


Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, Princeton, MA

At 2006 feet, Wachusett Mountain may not be the tallest, but its accessibility and ease of use make it extremely popular for Central Massachusetts residents. The snow shown here is man-made.
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