Month: February 2022

Uncovering the Past

The Ware-Hardwick Covered Bridge is one of eight covered bridges in Massachusetts. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Wikipedia states that:
At 137 feet, the Ware-Hardwick Covered Bridge is the longest covered bridge in Massachusetts.
Built in 1886, it spans the Ware River at Hardwick and Ware, Massachusetts.
The siding does not fully cover the sides, leaving a strip exposed for light, and extends partway inside each portal.

The bridge notably survived a major flooding event in the 1930s, when the textile mills in Hardwick were destroyed.

Winter Meditation

Zen inspired elements enhance my winter garden.

Zen inspired landscaping offers opportunities for meditation and contemplation in my winter garden. Bamboo is one of the loveliest and most recognizable features.
An invitation to sit is provided by a worn stair step. Below it are smooth hand chosen stones from the Atlantic Ocean.
Rocks suggest mountains, stability…
…and sculptures.
The aged laurel bush, worn by time and weather, is a favorite shelter for native and migrating birds.
A weathered bird feeder ornament intrigues our feathered visitors.

Festive Finch

A visiting House Finch brings a touch of warmth to a chilly New England landscape.

In Native American traditions, finches are associated with celebration and joy. This cheery finch also added a pop of color to my yard when it settled on a lilac branch on this chilly day.
Color coordinated with the bittersweet berries and lilac buds nearby, it shared its surroundings with a Dark-eyed Junco. The bird’s carotene based diet, found in orange and red plants, creates the bird’s startling plumage.
Being half Irish, I was especially charmed to learn that in Celtic Mythology House Finches foretell good fortune!
Good Luck!