Mockingbird Mix

The Northern Mockingbird at Wachusett Meadow didn’t notice me as it busily feasted on sumac.

These mockingbirds surveyed the meadow as they perched on bluebird houses. Their coloring and markings puzzled me, as they were slightly different than those in the first photographs. Birding friends: Any thoughts?

21 thoughts on “Mockingbird Mix

  1. Julie, I have never seen Mockingbird bird before. It’s beautiful! And the bird was so kind letting you to take amazing portraits of it. And very detailed. The first two photos with those red flowers are so eye catching.

  2. I like the Mockingbirds very much. I see them daily, They are always present when I fill the feeders with seeds and as soon as I turn around the y are eating, I loved your photos, Julie. 🙂

  3. I’m envious, Julie. Our mockingbird won’t arrive for a while. Maybe some of the differences in plumage are age-related, e.g. juvenile birds molting into adult birds. But this is pure conjecture.

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