All Persons Trail

The All Persons (Universally Accessible) Trail at Wachusett Meadow is carefully crafted to provide access to nature for all.

Lookout Over the Wildlife Pond
Observation Pier
Nature is an Artist
Painted Turtles Sunbathing
Water Lilies Leaves Emerging in Full Color
A Clear View of the Beaver Lodge
A Porcupine Ambles By!


The American Kestrel had difficulty balancing on his nest box in today’s high wind.

Close Up and Far Away

Photos from a late afternoon walk at Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton, MA.

Female, Male and Juvenile Hooded Mergansers on the Wildlife Pond
Blue Jay and Northern Cardinal Near the Bird Feeders
Gray Squirrel Swinging in the Copse Near the Bird Feeders
Common Grackle Hunting Seeds on the Ground
Female and Male Mallard on the Far Side of the Wildlife Pond
Eastern Cottontail with a Gray Squirrel and Sparrows Near the Visitor’s Center
Eastern Towhee and Blue Jay Under the Feeders
Eastern Cottontail Close-up
Eastern Towhee Under the Bird Feeders

Foretelling of Spring

Holden, Massachusetts

Forsythia and her companions:
Purple Hyacinth…
And Green Salad Bowl Lettuce Seedlings.

Feathers and Shells

Painted Turtles and Canada Geese share a sunny afternoon together at the Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton, MA.

Painted Turtles/Canada Goose
I enjoy experimenting with the continuous shutter setting on my bridge camera.
In contrast, I use the built in close-up lens with the turtles sunning on the far side of the pond.

Did You Hear?

An Eastern Meadowlark, which is becoming rarer in many parts of Massachusetts, visited the Audubon Sanctuary recently.

“There’s a Meadowlark in the South Meadow!”
“Heads up, Painted Turtles!”
The Red-winged Blackbird, Mourning Dove and Northern Cardinal have a plan.
“Let’s go check it out!”
The Eastern Meadowlark rests in the grass.

Donkey Duet

The donkeys at Alta Vista Farm in Rutland, MA didn’t mind posing for a few photographs during a recent visit.

Alta Vista Farm, Rutland, Massachusetts

Ramping Up

Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton, MA

Signs of spring abound at the Audubon.
A Black-capped Chickadee rests on a grape vine.
The All Persons Ramp to the raft will make the view accessible to all.
In the wetland area, a Red-winged Blackbird pauses among the cattails.
The ground near the bird feeder provides unending treats for the Red Squirrel.
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