Revolutionary Timekeepers

The Willard House and Clock Museum in North Grafton, MA.

From the information board at the site:
The family of clockmakers who lived and worked in this house helped revolutionize timekeeping in America. The Willard family was one of the premiere clockmaking families during and after the American Revolution. The Willards held several patents on clockmaking innovations, and their work made clocks more widely available–while increasing their reliability.
The saltbox, a popular colonial house design, was a frame dwelling with two stories in front and one behind and a roof with a long rear slope.

Simon Willard invented the popular banjo clock, a wall clock with a banjo-shaped case.

17 thoughts on “Revolutionary Timekeepers

  1. Visiting this Museum must be quite interesting. All you need is time! Thank you, Julie. 🙂

  2. What an interesting museum – the clocks must be fascinating to see when in non-pandemic times, and I really like that saltbox design (thanks for the link). I enjoyed the smaller architectural details in your photos too.

    1. Thanks, Carol. I have been inside in non-pandemic times, and it is wonderful. Sigh….for now, I’ll just take pics from the outside…. 😉

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