The onset of Spring is visible in abstract patterns on and below the surface of our local ponds, now free of ice.

Daylight Savings

There are many early indicators of a seasonal shift from Winter to Spring at Wachusett Meadow Farm in New England — an increase in snowshoe travel, strong shadows and patterns, running streams, melting snow patches on stone walls, diminishing icicles, sheep wool thick enough for shearing and diverse creatures sunbathing and feeding.

Perfectly Wonderful Pussy Willows

I came upon my first pussy willows of the season yesterday while walking at the edge of a marsh. As a child I picked them in the early Spring and shared them with my classmates.

Pussy willow catkins are an early Spring nectar source for pollinators. The insects then provide food for songbirds.

Most charmingly, hummingbirds like to use the soft catkins to line their nests.




You Otter Know…

…Spring has finally arrived in Massachusetts! At the Wachusett Meadow Audubon the river otter is sunbathing, the sheep are exploring the melting farmyard and the cardinal is chirruping his heart out high up in the budding trees.

otter oneIMG_6836IMG_6783

Walking on Thin Ice

The adaptable Canada Geese are back on the pond, and don’t seem to mind that it is still partly frozen. After a bit of slip-sliding away on the ice, what could be better than a quick “polar dip”?


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