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A Winter Wander

Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton, Massachusetts

Boathouse Overlooking the Wildlife Pond
Willow, the Hereford Sheep
Snow-Covered All Persons Viewing Area
Hooded Mergansers on Parade
American Robin in the Sumac Bushes
View from the Crab Apple Tree
A Feast for the Red Squirrel

Long View of the Meadow

Willow Enjoying the Last Rays of the Day

Close Up and Far Away

Female, Male and Juvenile Hooded Mergansers on the Wildlife Pond
Blue Jay and Northern Cardinal Near the Bird Feeders
Gray Squirrel Swinging in the Copse Near the Bird Feeders
Common Grackle Hunting Seeds on the Ground
Female and Male Mallard on the Far Side of the Wildlife Pond
Eastern Cottontail with a Gray Squirrel and Sparrows Near the Visitor’s Center
Eastern Towhee and Blue Jay Under the Feeders
Eastern Cottontail Close-up
Eastern Towhee Under the Bird Feeders

Bluebird Picnic

Eastern Bluebirds flew into town and invited their friends for a feast at the feeders.

Male Eastern Bluebird, Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton, MA
Female Eastern Bluebird
Female Bluebird, Blue Jay, Female Cardinal

Female Bluebird, Gray Squirrel

Downy Woodpecker, Male Bluebird

Mockingbird Mix

The Northern Mockingbird at Wachusett Meadow didn’t notice me as it busily feasted on sumac.

These mockingbirds surveyed the meadow as they perched on bluebird houses. Their coloring and markings puzzled me, as they were slightly different than those in the first photographs. Birding friends: Any thoughts?