Frozen Meadow Trek

Photos from a winter walk at Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in Princeton, MA,

It was a chilly 22 degrees at Wachusett Meadow today.
The Beaver Lodge was coated in snow and surrounded by ice.
A light layer of ice on the snow in the South Meadow shone in the low winter light.

Bluebird houses, abandoned until the spring, are a familiar sight along numerous trails.

The cross country skiers and snowshoers who trekked before me made my hike a bit easier today.

10 thoughts on “Frozen Meadow Trek

  1. These scenes are beautiful though I shudder at the cold. I have just converted the Fahrenheit temp to Celscius. Brr! We don’t get that cold here where I live in KwaZulu-Natal. I guess though with the right clothing one can adapt!

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