Painted (Turtle) Portraits

The turtle dipped off the log at the sound of hikers.
A close-up of some water lilies nearby.
This pond was man-made for the use of farmers when these acres were part of a large dairy farm.

12 thoughts on “Painted (Turtle) Portraits

  1. Their colours are so vivid that they somehow don’t seem quite real, but lovely to see them living free. Sadly, they are pet shop items here in South Africa.

    1. Pet shops. So sad…you wonder what people are thinking! I’m grateful to have the Audubon nearby, where seeo many animals roam free!

      1. I also don’t understand the attraction of keeping such animals captive. You are fortunate to have so much nature living free so nearby.

  2. Wonderful to see your painted turtle series, Julie. They are such an exquisite species with their bright painted parts, and getting extra reflection was doubly pleasant. The first four close-up photos are especially fun with the turtle stretched out and soaking up the sun.

    1. Thanks! Painted turtles almost don’t look real to me, because they seem so brightly painted. Like like don’t quite belong in quiet traditional New England! 😄

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