Close Up and Far Away

Female, Male and Juvenile Hooded Mergansers on the Wildlife Pond
Blue Jay and Northern Cardinal Near the Bird Feeders
Gray Squirrel Swinging in the Copse Near the Bird Feeders
Common Grackle Hunting Seeds on the Ground
Female and Male Mallard on the Far Side of the Wildlife Pond
Eastern Cottontail with a Gray Squirrel and Sparrows Near the Visitor’s Center
Eastern Towhee and Blue Jay Under the Feeders
Eastern Cottontail Close-up
Eastern Towhee Under the Bird Feeders

26 thoughts on “Close Up and Far Away

    1. The jays and cardinals come frequently to those feeders. I’ve often wondered if the other birds and creatures feel more safe when they are around, because the moment the “red and/or blue” appears, I know a whole bunch of critters will join them soon!

  1. Wow! Lovely and amazing photos! My favorite the Blue Jay and cardenal, beautiful colors!
    Thank’s for share, Julie. Have a wonderful time!

  2. What a wonderful bunch of creatures, I like them all, Julie. The Hooded Mergansers are so lovely. Great shots my dear. 🙂

  3. So many amazing birds, so many wonderful moments. I love a Common Crackle. I don’t have photos of this bird, never was able to capture it. A Mallard duck is on a show. He is so wonderful. Jay and Cardinal are together! That is very unusual! Great photos and so colorful!

    1. Thanks, Donna. At the Audubon, they throw seeds on the ground around the feeders, so the squirrels don’t need to climb feeders. As a result, many birds, such as the jay and cardinal, also hang out together on the ground. Makes for fun shots!

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