9 thoughts on “Hawk Walk

  1. Winter is so beautiful on your photos. I also love the barn, it’s special and charming. And a hawk is wonderful. He/she is balancing wonderfully on one leg.

  2. I enjoyed seeing this stately and elegant sanctuary, Julie, and all the snow. Lovely to join you and the hawk in the hawk walk today, thank you.

    1. It was a cow barn that was state-of-the art in the 1920’s. I found this snippet about it in a larger article, which I thought might interest you:

      The Cow Barn

      Built in 1924 by the Crocker family.
      Housed the Crockers prize winning cows.
      The structure of this barn was unusual for the time as it used truss-type construction rather than usual post and beam. This allowed plenty of room to stack loose hay.
      The cow barn had a track system with grappling hooks that allowed mechanized unloading of hay wagons and the piling of loose hay, as bales were not used at this time.
      To move out manure, the Crockers installed an overhead tramway in the milking parlor of the barn. It had a scoop which collected manure and used a tram system to move through the barn and across the stockyard to the manure barn.

      The Crockers later donated all the land to the Audubon. They must have been quite wonderful people!


  3. How interesting – and sounds elaborate for a barn, but then there were prize-winning cattle living there. Wonderful that the Crockers donated all their land to the Audobon. Thanks so much for the additional information.

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