30 thoughts on “Snowbank Lunch Break

  1. I love your photos, Julie. Do you take them outside, or through a window? I think our birds are more flighty in winter, so it’s hard to take photos when they are at the feeders.

    1. I have very little luck taking pics through a window–these were all zooming in from several feet away. I was pleased with the junco pics, because they don’t usually stop for very long, and were easy to see against the white backdrop.

      1. Same here, especially since our windows are screened. How nice that your birds allowed you so close. I should try to sit in a corner of the yard to give them time to get used to me. It works in the summer, but I haven’t tried it in the winter.

  2. These are wonderful pictures of birds! My favorites are the Dark-eyed Juncos. Thank you, Julie. 🙂

  3. What a delight to see all these hardy birds and friends in the deep winter snow, Julie. While I like every photo, I especially like the one of the mourning dove and white-throated sparrow. They look like they’re having an engaging conversation, and also, we don’t see that species out on the west coast so I can never get enough of them.

  4. Love these, Julie! Especially the dove and WTSparrow in one shot and the close-up of the Dark-eyed Junco. 🙂 Adorable squirrel too. Stay safe and warm in the upcoming Nor-eastern!

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