Just Add Bluebirds

Bluebirds arrive in Central Massachusetts during the month of March. Dozens of bluebird boxes in the meadow are ready for occupancy.

Wachusett Meadow Audubon Sanctuary, Princeton, MA

Bluebird Break

Today’s high temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit encouraged the small group of bluebirds who remain in Massachusetts all year to enjoy the unusually snow-free Wachusett Meadow.

The Blues

Bluebirds and tree swallows tour the many “houses for rent” at the Wachusett Audubon in search of perfect accommodations. What a melodious and cheerful sight! I wish everyone could experience “the blues” this way!

IMG_4667Version 3veeringVersion 3sunbathVersion 4Version 2swallow 1swallow wingVersion 3

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