Heron Celebration With Bonuses

Statuary from a local yard sale celebrates the recent surprising visit of a Great Blue Heron to our Zen garden.

A few weeks ago, a Great Blue Heron graced our Zen garden for a few moments before flying into the nearby woods. We began hunting for a heron statue to commemorate that event.
Serendipitously, a friend spied a pair of small heron statues at a yard sale shortly after the extraordinary visit.
In pride of place, the first heron now stands patiently in the “reeds” of the white stone river .
The second heron found a home in the zinnia garden.
As another bonus, a pair of wandering ducks was also found at the sale.
They are energetic and curious.
We never know where the ducks will wander. Hurrah for yard sales!

7 thoughts on “Heron Celebration With Bonuses

    1. I was one of those amazing moments to see a Great Blue in our garden! We live on the edge of a woods, but certainly on a suburban road. Such a beautiful sight-we had to honor it!

  1. I see that you are having a great deal fun, with birds in your beautiful backyard, Julie. I love it! At least you don’t have to feed them… like me! 🙂

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