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The American Society of Agronomy tells us that agronomy is a “science and practice that looks at agriculture from an integrated, holistic perspective”.

The Agronomy Farm Vineyard in Oakham, Massachusetts is one of over 50 wineries in the state.

Agronomy’s 1.85 acre vineyard was planted in May of 2014 with half of the vines a red varietal, Marquette and the other half a white varietal called Cayuga.

The Winery is a destination for visiting as well as catered events.

The stencil “A” Agronomy trademark can be seen throughout the grounds.

Relax under a canopied patio near the pond!

Where Rabbits Run and Humans Walk and Reflect

More late summer images from Wachusett Meadow.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbits have proliferated this year at the Meadow.

Raised-Lettering on signs, as well as an audio informational program available at the visitors center, allow the visually impaired to more fully experience the meadow along the All Persons Trail.
The North Meadow is a popular easy hiking area.

Cattails in the North Meadow are vivid harbingers of fall.
A section of the All Persons Trail leads to the South Meadow.
Bas relief sculptures aid in identifying tree and barn swallows.
Visitors to the All Persons Trail can greet Wachusett’s endearing sheep on the way to the South Meadow…
…and then continue on to a sunny resting spot .


This local field is usually planted in corn. However, this year I noticed that the plants are more pointy at the top with closely planted rows, and have copious weeds in between . An internet research leads me to believe it is sorghum, which is used as silage.

WordPress farmers, feel free to comment!

A Country Road

North Brookfield and New Braintree, Massachusetts

Past the apple orchard….
By the traditional bales of hay….
Hydrangeas are in full bloom.
A willow tree has been upended by a recent storm.

Driving by spacious fields….
We must be getting close to …
A farm stand.
Do you like Butter and Sugar or Yellow Corn better?

Christmas in July

It may not be cold December, but Kip’s Christmas Trees in the small town of New Braintree, Massachusetts are still a beautiful sight.

Just four months more of caretaking until the Christmas season!

Living Local, Part Two

Worcester County, where I live, leads the state in the number of farms.

Within a few miles from me, I enjoy visiting this farm.

How pleased I was to see that it is open!

It’s sweet corn time in Massachusetts!

Aw, shucks, I’ll buy a dozen.

In order to create a super fresh vegetarian meal, I add my own home grown cukes, tomatoes, arugala,

Green and yellow beans,

Swiss chard and kale. Colorful and nutritious. I’m grateful.