19 thoughts on “An Appealing Orchard

  1. The apples look so delicious! The orchard and surrounding areas are gorgeous. Thanks, Julie. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, and it’s open all year. It has a lovely country store, with homemade bread, cider doughnuts, of course apples and other goodies. I went there a lot during the lock down for a quick in and out goodies trip.

  2. A lovely place and those are wonderful apples and they don’t even have one crow’s beak mark in them! I also had a good apple crop, the best yet for me, but the crows descended upon them early one morning and in order to save the rest of the crop I had to pick them all, before they were quite ripe!!!.

      1. Yes I find that the apples do ripen after picking, some being tastier than others! But I also find that some varieties can soften fairly quickly. Next year I’ll have to find something more scary for the crows than the children’s garden mobiles that I tried this year!! Happy gardening!

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