Over the Walls

The little town of Hardwick, MA is celebrated for its miles of historic stone walls, some of them massive. Recently, on a bitterly cold day with threatening skies, the view from the Great Meadowbrook Farmlands was stark and alluring.

From 2000- 2004, Great Meadowbrook Farm was the site of the Over the Walls Horse Trials, one of the premier equestrian events in the United States.

11 thoughts on “Over the Walls

  1. Luscious skies in the photos. Thank you for sharing. The stone wall our father built in Sturbridge was beautiful and garter snakes just loved it! My daily entertainment out the kitchen window is watching the birds feed and squirrels attempt to get to the feeder – unsuccessfully now that my husband has reinforced the detractor. Have a photo-filled weekend.

    1. Thanks so much. I bet your Sturbridge wall was beautiful, as is that whole town! I lived in Hardwick for many years, and never got tired of the strength and beauty of the walls all around.

      1. Thank you for the comment. Walls, forests and clear cold lakes abound in Western Massachusetts. Sturbridge is a gorgeous town. We moved to Colorado when I was 10, but I manage to get back to my roots from time to time. Have a great week.

  2. Wow – such great photos with a little camera.. but I am not surprised I always carry my little Elph even when I have my bigger Nikon. Just this week my big camera ran out of juice and I had the handy dandy mini camera. Plus they are great for birds since i carry it in my back jean’s pocket. Quick draw snap shutter photo.

    Thanx for visiting my sight!! We are kindred souls on separate coasts. I am trying to send spring posts to help all those in quarantine or fear of the big bad virus.

    Batgirl over & out!!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. We are indeed kindred souls on separate coasts. This kind of connection is what I love about WordPress. Stay well!

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