Corn, Clouds and Crows

Early fall in Central Massachusetts is the perfect time to explore and photograph the beauty of the region’s local farmlands.

Jordan Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts is a fifth generation farm. In addition to its long history, it is highly regarded as one of the first farms in Massachusetts to produce clean energy.
This is only a small section of the cornfields that provide food for their 375 cows.
On this early fall day, fast moving cloud formations lent a constantly changing counterpoint to the landscape.
The windswept tassels on top of the corn were elegantly silhouetted against the clouds.

I was startled by what appeared to be a rising moon behind the corn.

It is actually a receptacle for storing corn silage (corn used to feed the cows in Winter).
The corn is sown and harvested with mechanical precision, resulting in perfectly neat rhythmic rows.
Corn loving crows are almost always found in undulating groups, creating fascinating patterns in the sky.

A group of crows is often called a murder, but I prefer a less frequently used collective noun for these intelligent and social creatures– a parcel.
Crows aren’t fussy. They will eat corn on or off the cob, as well as seeds and seedlings.
The proud old farmstead sits at the edge of a country road, at the very top of a long hill.
The classic New England red barn across the street stands as a testament to a beloved bygone era.
This historic and progressive farm is only ten miles away from Worcester, MA, New England’s second largest city.

14 thoughts on “Corn, Clouds and Crows

  1. Lovely photos, Julie. I especially like your corn tassel silhouettes. Looks like you had a gorgeous early Autumn day with no humidity. I’m a sucker for old red barns like the one you captured. Best, Babsje

    1. Thanks, Babsje. I love your comment about “no humidity”. It’s so easy to be outside on these cool Autumn days! . Soon it will be pumpkin time…. 😉

      1. Hi Julie I also found these for gatherings of Crows: a parliament of crows and a storytelling of crows. I think the elementary school teacher in you would like the storytelling alternative? 😊

  2. How beautiful are the fields of New England. I love open fields and the greenery around. Old barns are simply gorgeous images on a green field. Great photos, Julie. I’d like to visit Mass. again. 🙂

  3. Wonderful farm photos, Julie, love the red barn! I love riding by and seeing the rows/lines of corn. Yes, you startled me with the corn receptacle with your first photo, I thought it was the moon rising too. 😅 Great shot!

    1. Thanks, Donna. New England barns have such presence, and the corn/windy day/blue sky lent such atmosphere. Looking forward to taking Halloween/October pics, but my local garden supply was just telling me how pumpkins are very scarce in Massachusetts this year–too much rain…;-(

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