Meadow Magic Hour

Late August meadows in New England foretell the bold autumn tree colors yet to come.

On a late August evening, Wachusett Meadow in Princeton is awash in gold tones and green shadows. The top of the boathouse rises up mysteriously behind tall wildflowers.
Looking across the stone wall to the North Meadow, raking light accentuates patches of green mown grass that contrast with alternating waves of white asters and goldenrod.
In storybook fashion, a shady path descends into the South Meadow.
Autumnal reds and yellows carpet the landscape.
Corridors of Joe Pye Weed capture the eye.
Wild asters surprise with their spiky yellow globes.
Unsurprisingly, I am not alone in admiring this magical habitat.

10 thoughts on “Meadow Magic Hour

    1. Yes, New England has a lot of scenery to offer. I’m getting geared up for the apples, pumpkins, gourds, beautiful leaves and cool weather….lots of fun around here!
      Thanks for your kind comments.

    1. There is a pond which connects to beaver wetlands beyond. Canoes are kept in the nearby boathouse, which can be rented by visitors. Also, a stationary raft at the edge of the pond allows a closer view of the water, and makes it easier for kids to do natural science activities.
      Yes, I am really lucky to have such a great place nearby!

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