Over the Walls 2

From 2000-2004 Great Meadowbrook Farm was the site of the Over the Walls Horse Trials, one of the premier pre-Olympic equestrian events in the United States. I last visited the farm in the very early Spring of 2020. How much more colorful it appeared when I visited last week!

Great Meadowbrook Farm overlooks the center of Hardwick, MA. This little town is celebrated for its miles of extraordinary stone walls.
On first glance, the hay bales look like huge marshmallows in one of the many sweeping walled fields.

About the author jmankowsky

This photo blog features the seasonal changes in nature observed in my own backyard and a variety of local environments. The Wachusett Meadow Audubon Sanctuary in Princeton, MA is often highlighted as a model for the positive effects a small nature preserve can have on the larger environment and the local community. Local sites of historical, cultural and recreational interest are spotlighted as well. All photographs were taken by me. Thank you so much for visiting.

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  1. Just lovely, I love the rock walls, this resembles rural England.



    1. I do think of it as very English! This is a special place for me, as I lived in Hardwick for many years, quite near this farm.

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  2. There are stone walls in the woods behind our house, but none as spectacular as the ones in your photos.



    1. The stone walls are particularly amazingly crafted. I can’t imagine those farmers having to build those and farm, as well.

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