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This photo blog features the seasonal changes in nature observed in my own backyard and a variety of local environments. The Wachusett Meadow Audubon Sanctuary in Princeton, MA is often highlighted as a model for the positive effects a small nature preserve can have on the larger environment and the local community. Local sites of historical, cultural and recreational interest are spotlighted as well. All photographs were taken by me. Thank you so much for visiting.

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  1. Same here, Julie. At times, there are three of four squirrels in the yard. We have a baffle to keep them away from the actual feeders, but there are plenty of morsels that fall on the ground. There is enough to go around.

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  2. These squirrels sure are cute. Good that it can only forage under the bird feeder. What is the bird in the first photo?

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    1. It is a tufted titmouse. Sweet bird, and common around here throughout the year.

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      1. Thanks Julie. It looks absolutely lovely and what a pleasure to have as a frequent visitor.


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