A 1685 Garrison House

Standing for over 300 years, this sturdy house provides a glimpse into an important architectural style of Early America.

The Houghton Sprague Garrison House, Harvard, MA
“Garrisons, or fortified houses, were built in almost all New England towns.…Like an ordinary house in plan and appearance, garrisons were used in times of peace as one-family dwellings but were strongly built and capable of protecting a number of families in times of danger, like the American Revolution.” –The History of Garrison Colonials, by Ray Wiese

9 thoughts on “A 1685 Garrison House

  1. Hi Julie,
    The style makes perfect sense when one considers the dual function of the house, but it is quite boxy. Not necessarily a domicile I would choose today.
    Nice color, though!

  2. I certainly learned something new today! I never associated a garrison house with fortification, but it makes perhaps sense. I think it’s a lovely house, and the color is similar to our home. New England red?

    1. I read that garrison styles were meant to hold up to five families, plus a soldier. It’s a big house when you see it, but I wouldn’t want to be in there with up to 25 other people, as I read! I liked the color a lot. To me, it looked red with a tint of tomato soup color, so it softened it a bit. A traditional colonial color.
      p.s . I took all the pics because it is for sale, so I cruised the land. 😉 It could be yours for “just” 875,000 dollars.

  3. How interesting. Is the front door really not centred or is it the angle of the photo that gives that impression? The wooden chair with the checked cushion is wonderful.

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