Suet Duet

Nuthatches and woodpeckers were engrossed in the suet feeders at Wachusett Meadow today. Meanwhile, the Wildlife Pond glowed with the rusty hues of late fall in Central Massachusetts.

White-Breasted Nuthatch
Downy Woodpecker
Wildlife Pond, Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton, MA

13 thoughts on “Suet Duet

  1. The fall colors are so beautiful. I could stare at the images with the reflections for hours. We have downy woodpeckers that stop by and nibble on the suet. Some of the other smaller birds will nibble it once in a while also – mainly when the Blue Jays have taken over some of the other feeders. 🙂 Love all your photos!

    1. Ooh..those black bears are all around. The feeders I show are from the Audubon–none around my house. During the summer, they even had to take the local Audubon ones down for a time, after a bear trashed them. ;-(

  2. Such beautiful photos and Autumn colors. Every time we have tried with feeders for our many birds, squirrels manage to climb the thin pole and get into the food. We will have to get inventive. Suet is great in winter. I recall my mother putting it out in Sturbridge where we lived at the time. Thank you for such a lovely post.

    1. Thanks you for visiting, and for your thoughtful comments! I enjoyed your post on growing up in Sturbridge, as I lived in nearby Hardwick for many years, and love Sturbridge Village and all the fun places to visit in town.
      I don’t have feeders at my home, but at Wachusett Meadow, the squirrels always win at the bird feeders! I love to watch them leap several feet from a nearby tree, then cling on to the feeder upside down while they treat themselves to an endless feast! 😉

      1. Julie, thanks for your lovely comment. I have several posts about our bushy tails. How they do the upside down trick is beyond me. I prefer to eat right side up. One year we simply put out pumpkin under a tree out back and watch the squirrels demolish it slowly until nothing remained. When our Sturbridge house was first completed, we could walk all the way down Cedar Street and get to the Old Sturbridge Village where there was no entrance fee. School field trips too. I still have our rings of horseshoe nails made by the blacksmith for us. Be well, 🙂

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