12 thoughts on “The Birds and the Beaver

  1. I especially loved the beaver videos. I have seen beavers only in open water, so it was really cool to see them among the lily pads and other floating vegetation.

    1. Thanks! This pond has an observation deck, and the beaver was only a few feet from it. I usually don’t get to see beaver tails this close up, so it was a treat for me.

  2. Summer still in full swing and beauty, Julie. If only it weren’t so hot I would be more inclined to really enjoy it rather than endure it. But like the other seasons, it has its unique gifts.

  3. How wonderful to watch the beaver at such close quarters! They are fascinating – I have never seen one. Here in SA they don’t occur though there are two species of fresh-water otter – not seen very often though as they can be quite wary.

    1. Although beavers can cause problems with their dam building, they are a keystone species, and are becoming especially important in the western U.S. When they build dams on drought stricken waters, it keeps the water deep enough to not evaporate as much, thus leaving more water for crops and animals.

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