Bobolink Field

This spacious field is a favored walking spot for both people and dogs on leashes. However, during the late spring Bobolink nesting season, special care is taken to protect these ground-nesting birds, while still enjoying their bubbly songs and low ground flights.

Moore State Park, Paxton, MA

16 thoughts on “Bobolink Field

  1. It’s good that they are protecting the Bobolinks and Savannah Sparrows. Thank you, Julie. 🙂

      1. Now you see it! This shot is not new… I don’t think that they will return from migration just yet. There’s going to be another cold front this week I heard. Thank you, Julie. 🙂

      2. I have scheduled to posted on Tuesday January 31st. Just for you, Julie. 🙂

      3. I’m pretty impressed that you have it scheduled so far in advance, H.J. I have “ideas” for the week that sometimes pan out, and sometimes don’t 😉

      4. Image that I have to go outdoors in different locations, I wouldn’t have time to prepare my post, process the pictures and live my life. Now I’m totally retired, 6 months ago I had to work yet. You have to plan, your posts ahead of time and do not post until the day comes according to schedule. That’s how it works. Thank you , Julie. 🙂

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