6 thoughts on “Millpond Ducks

  1. Great photos from Millpond, Julie, I especially like the dazzling mallards. Your first photo with the red barn looks like a postcard, beautiful.

  2. I also find ducks and geese endlessly entertaining. I suspect the woman and kids were feeding them. I’m always torn about whether or not to say anything if people feed bread, since it can be detrimental for the birds and the lake ecosystem. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. So funny you should mention that, Tanja. I almost didn’t post the kids, but then, artistic thoughts won out, and I felt it made a good “story”. This place is a small pond in a neighborhood. At the Audubon, people would never dream of feeding the ducks. Tricky, because the kids really did enjoy seeing the ducks come across the pond and up close to them.
      I so look forward to duck time in the Spring. It really lifts my spirits!

      1. It IS a nice story with the kids, Julie, absolutely. And it’s good to see the next generation of birdwatchers get an early start and learn that there are better ways to help wildlife than to feed them old bread.

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