Honey and Eggs

Fresh honey from local beekeepers, and fresh eggs from a local farm with free range chickens. I am so glad that I live in a “right to farm” community!



Dinner is served in the side garden for the gate-crashers. On the menu this evening: balloon flowers. What a party!

Near Miss

The clouds were beautiful this evening, but we could have used all of that moisture on the ground!


Being Scolded

I was only trying to water the flower garden.

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Dependable Wrens

Another set of wrens has arrived. I am astonished at how hard the mother works, feeding her babies every few minutes!
Wrens feed almost exclusively on insects and spiders. What a gift to have this natural form of insect control in my yard!


Cloud Magic

Pictures from a recent morning in Williamstown, MA. In the space of about forty-five minutes I saw the fog lift and the sky change dramatically.

Magnificent Mountains

I was fortunate to arrive at an overlook on Route 7 coming from Williamstown, MA when sunshine broke through a heavy morning fog.

Williamstown MA

A Garden Within Reach

From Tower Hill’s website:
“The new garden fits with Tower Hill’s goals to be a welcoming, natural space where visitors of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can learn the value of plants in our world. The Garden is a universally accessible space for peace, beauty, and learning, featuring signature Tower Hill plantings, innovative moveable planters and other elements which represent solutions for mobility-challenged gardeners.”

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Welcome Rain

What a relief to walk in the rain amongst the flowers this morning after such a long dry spell.

Vivid House Finches

The Vivid House Finches match the Ever-Blooming Lilies perfectly at this time of year. Although they love to drink from the birdbath and occasionally swim, they seem equally at home perched all alone in the highest branch of the pine tree.

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Early Summer Refuge

Tower Hill Botanic Garden is well known for its wide variety of gardens, but did you know it is also home to a wildlife refuge? This area features a half acre pond that is completely surrounded by native wetland shrubs and perennials to discourage Canada Geese, and to provide food and cover for wildlife. You can view a wide variety of plants and animals from the two rustic pavilions nearby– just don’t be scared by the realistic life sized cut-out of a fox, also used to deter unwanted creatures!

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Baby Wrens

How can such small, helpless creatures open their mouths so wide? And how do they all manage to fit in that small space? I think the robin flew in to babysit, and give Mother Wren a break.


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