What’s Better Than a Beautiful Nature Walk?

The answer is a nature walk that is accessible to everyone, whether that be with the help of wheelchairs, canes or other mobility enhancement equipment.
At the Wachusett Meadow Audubon, you can follow this accessible path to relax on a swing and watch the birds near feeders or take a trail to a large oak overlooking the beaver wetland.

19620204_1434384606627746_7913245213831557193_o (1)IMG_5573

About the author jmankowsky

I live in Central Massachusetts in the United Stares, where I have recently retired from public school teaching after thirty-four years. I am a nature photographer, particularly focusing on the the wide variety of birds to be found in this area. I am a keen supporter of the Massachusetts Audubon and the exceptional work that they do in education and protecting nature. It pleases me that many of the photographs I have posted here have also been displayed on the Wachusett Meadow Audubon in Princeton, MA website. I would love to connect with other primary school teachers in the hope that these photos might be useful in inspiring children to a greater connection with nature.

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