One thought on “I Think I See Another One Coming…

  1. Hi Julie. How much fun to discover you here and on FB. You have followed a fantastic career and life. Bev’s daughter Jules (her name is legally Julie) works in early childhood intervention. She does evals of new patients and follows up with management plans. My daughter Stef is a pediatric NP at Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton. She works on the two med/surgery floors. Bev & I, like you, have developed a passion for photography. We have our own company If you check out our website, you will need to use a laptop. Our photos don’t load on cell phones or most iPads. I can’t wait to tell Bev about your photo passion. We saw Joey last at Helen Barber’s funeral; he & his wife we’re both there. Stevie & his daughter Lissa flew in from Montana and of course, Julie & her husband were there. Davie Quinn stayed and visited with us at the post-luncheon. Just like the old days. Joey is always so happy to see us – especially Bevie…and vice-versa.
    Be well, and I’ll be following you on FB and your own webpage. “Hi” to Val, Tommy and Joey. We really should have a reunion of our old childhood gang!

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