10 thoughts on “Savvy Squirrels Update

  1. I used to have this type of birdfeeder, and squirrels would clean them out within a few hours. Now, with a squirrel proof birdfeeder, they don’t have a chance. 🙂

  2. I used to have one of those “squirrel-proof” feeders with the outside that would slide down and cover the holes when a squirrel got on there. Before long, they figured out they could hold onto the bottom and push up with their back feet and get their food. I’ve never found a good deterrent, so I just love them!

  3. What a talented squirrel! Love the picture! The squirrels in my yard usually just slide off the bird feeder and then enjoy the seed that has fallen on the ground. Of course, they do this trick over and over and over again!

  4. I especially like to watch the little red squirrel scare the big gray squirrels off. The little reds are so gutsy! Thanks for visiting!

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