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This photo blog features the seasonal changes in nature observed in my own backyard and a variety of local environments. The Wachusett Meadow Audubon Sanctuary in Princeton, MA is often highlighted as a model for the positive effects a small nature preserve can have on the larger environment and the local community. Local sites of historical, cultural and recreational interest are spotlighted as well. All photographs were taken by me. Thank you so much for visiting.

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  1. Knowing nothing about frozen rivers (it does not get that cold here) does the fisherman make a hole in the ice to fish through? I assume he can tell that the ice is strong enough to support him!



    1. Yes, the fisherman makes a hole. He SHOULD know if the ice is safe…however, a fisherman fell through the ice yesterday in a nearby town. (He was rescued safely.) He probably should have noticed it was melting!



  2. I have often thought that fisherpeople could teach the rest of us a thing or two about being present in the moment! 🐟

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    1. So true! It was cold and windy that day….but the fisherman didn’t seem to notice.

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