6 thoughts on “Ancient Companions

    1. Thanks so much! As I am walking the yard each day, I’m taking a lot more time to consider and appreciate the natural world that I might have passed over before.

  1. Lovely – I also love and appreciate moss.
    Some back (and in different times) a post on the Humane Gardener blog stuck in my mind and it prominently featured moss. I see it was published as far back as October 2018. Perhaps you might find it interesting too, even now during the pandemic when all is so different. https://www.humanegardener.com/new-american-dream/
    Like us in South Africa are you also ‘locked down’ at home, and not permitted to leave home except for going out to buy essential items? In terms of our lockdown regulations, we are not allowed to leave our properties for walks or exercise.
    Keep safe.

    1. Thanks for the link, I will be sure to visit. We are on “only out when needed” here, but are free to walk in our neighborhood. As I am a homebody anyway, it hasn’t seemed too bad yet, although I’m sure it will get old pretty soon! I’m mostly worried about our country and the risks the leadership is taking thinking to get back to normal by Easter. So dangerous! But don’t get me started! 😉 Stay safe and strong! Julie

      1. Nice you can still walk in the neighbourhood. We are fortunate to have a garden as a refuge during our lockdown period.
        These are such worrying times and risky and erratic leadership make it even more worrying.
        You stay safe and strong too during these precarious and uncertain times.

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