13 thoughts on “Oriole Arrival

  1. I really want to see an oriole in my yard. We get so so many kinds of birds (Hubbardston) but I think I’ve only seen an Oriole in our yard once.

    1. Thanks. We have a couple of different kinds of orioles here, but the Baltimore is the most common. Hope you are safe and well in France. My little state of Massachusetts was hard hit, but we are coming down from the worst of it.

    1. They are beautiful, and they announce their arrival with such a chattering. Really fun. Thanks for visiting. Do you live where the bluebonnets grow? Or am I just a New Englander who loves the folk songs about them, and thinks they must be all over Texas?

    1. Yes, it is lovely. More pics coming soon, I think! Hope you are doing okay there. I am reading that things are pretty tough in your country.

      1. I look forward to more pics. We are okay thanks Julie. Yes things are very concerning here on several levels with extreme hardship and hunger for many. The infection numbers are escalating but it is thought that we are still a long way from “peaking” – maybe only in July or as late as September. There is lots of controversy and discussion about the strict lockdown we are still under and how and when it should be eased.
        The situation in the US is tough too. Keep safe!

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