Yellow Celebration

A coat of paint on one small structure can sometimes uplift a whole yard.

A coat of paint on one small structure can often uplift a a whole yard.
A fresh coat of yellow paint on the backyard hut led me to consider the many shades of yellow vegetation to be found throughout the yard.
A coat of paint on one single structure can sometimes change a whole area.
The yellow stair rail extends the color theme. Queen Anne’s lace, orange daylilies, and red bee balm pop out against the bright backdrop with white accents.
Queen Anne’s lace seems to float on a yellow wall.
A lemon yellow daylily remains vibrant after yet another shower.
Erin Lea lilies show ruffled yellow petals tinged with brown.
Stella d’Oro daylilies, white yarrow and rose campion contrast with the cobalt blue birdbath.
Amber and gold-toned calendulas are companion plants throughout the vegetable gardens.
The blue chair lends a “primary colors” touch to this area.
Erin Lea daylily.
Purple D’Oro lily with a buttery yellow center.
Pineapple yellow non-stop begonia with blue hydrangea in the background.
One final touch: a mint green ladder hung on the back wall lightens up the shady side of the hut, and provides a year round color contrast.

21 thoughts on “Yellow Celebration

    1. It is cheerful! Another happy thought I have about it: back in the sixties a former owner built it to house a pony. Must have been such a sweet sight!
      P.S. Thinking of you, and hoping for your safety as I read the news each day. Have you been able to get a vaccine yet?

      1. The pony in the hut is a sweet though.
        Thanks for the kind thoughts. The number of infections continues to accelerate in this ‘third wave’ and things are not good. We are fortunate that we don’t have to go out to work and also we had our vaccinations – both shots. I must say that it has reduced the level of personal anxiety even though we continue to be as careful as before.

    1. Thanks, Tanja. It does have a lot of diversity, as half of our land is woods. It makes it harder to garden, because of the shade, but so much more wildlife visits because of it.

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