Photographs from a visit to the grounds of the Barre Center For Buddhist Studies in Barre, Massachusetts.

At the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre, MA thoughtful landscaping and architecture are designed to encourage reflection and contemplation in or out of doors.
Stone walls, sturdy trees, benches and other wooden elements recur throughout the grounds. Circular and domed shapes enhance architectural elements.
The large domed bell with striker is hung from a aged tree. In Buddhism, the bell is sometimes said to be the sound of the Buddha’s voice.
A dome-shaped stupa (a Buddhist monument housing sacred relics associated with the Buddha) is surrounded by greenery and stone walls.

The Meditation Hall features large circular windows. Circles are associated with enlightenment in Buddhist thought.

Wooden floors and exposed beams enhance the inside of the hall.

The vegetable garden is enclosed by a handmade willow fence. Garden sections are now being planted, as the Center will welcome on-site students once again this fall.

A wooden Thai Spirit House sits at the edge of the garden.

16 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. This is my favorite. I grew up in Barre before this was here. I visited once and I love this beautiful sanctuary!
    Thank you

    Jay Michaels

    1. Just wonderful to hear from you, Jay! Glad you enjoyed this, and hope you have managed through these difficult times.
      Kindest Regards,

    1. It’s really peaceful. I didn’t take photos of inside the main house. Anyone can go in and read books on spiritual matters there, or check them out on the honor system. There’s always hot water for herbal tea going, and plenty of different sitting spaces to complement those outdoors.

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