Apple Art

Apple leaves that fell from my Baldwin apple tree onto a white table inspired me to add garden flowers and windfall apples to create this still life.
Keeping the leaves exactly where they had fallen, I experimented with the addition of a small garden bouquet of freshly picked flowers.
Windfall apples added contrast in keeping with the theme.
A gravel “frame” was a simple addition.
Baldwin apples trees usually bear fruit every other year, but this will be the second year in a row I am looking forward to harvesting Baldwins for applesauce, muffins, pie and other delights.
Central Massachusetts holds a special affinity for apples, as Johnny Appleseed was born in Leominster, Massachusetts.
Close-up photography highlights different aspects of the artwork.
The Baldwin apple is one of New England’s oldest, and was first discovered in Massachusetts.
Apple season is coming soon to Central Massachusetts!

18 thoughts on “Apple Art

  1. What a delight these photos are! I can tell you had a lot of fun with this post, Julie. You really had your creative juices flowing – Baldwin Apple juice for sure. Best, Babsje

    1. Thank you, Babsje. I did have fun with it, and as you can tell, I love fall in New England. Bring on the pumpkins and more apples!

  2. These pictures are like paintings. Really lovely, especially against the white! I’d not heard of the Baldwin Apple so looked it up and see that it was originally called Pecker or Woodpecker and found c1740 on the farm of John Ball, Wilmington, Mass. so my apple book says!

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