Festive Finch

A visiting House Finch brings a touch of warmth to a chilly New England landscape.

In Native American traditions, finches are associated with celebration and joy. This cheery finch also added a pop of color to my yard when it settled on a lilac branch on this chilly day.
Color coordinated with the bittersweet berries and lilac buds nearby, it shared its surroundings with a Dark-eyed Junco. The bird’s carotene based diet, found in orange and red plants, creates the bird’s startling plumage.
Being half Irish, I was especially charmed to learn that in Celtic Mythology House Finches foretell good fortune!
Good Luck!

22 thoughts on “Festive Finch

  1. Beautiful! A HUGE flock of goldfinches have descended upon our feeders the past two days, I wonder if they carry the same message? If so, we are doubly blessed!

  2. I saw the House Finches this morning in my backyard too! They are nice birds. Great pictures, Julie. 🙂

    1. Thanks, H.J. I don’t have feeders up (do to the squirrels and mice they draw) so the birds come for the berries on bushes mostly. The House Finch has been around more than usual this winter.

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