18 thoughts on “Cardinal Christmas Capers

    1. Happy Holidays to you H.J. I was actually thinking about you as I took these photos. You probably see a lot of “nosy, bossy” cardinals like this one in your neck of the woods, I bet. 😉

    1. Thanks, Donna. “Birds Under the Feeder” is one of my favorite categories of photography. Fun and easy. I’ve noticed that whenever the cardinals and jays are under the feeder, a whole flock of other birds comes, too. I (Not to mention the rabbits..) I’m wondering if they feel safer with the “big birds” around?

      1. Love your themed category, Julie, seeing different birds (and other wildlife!) cohabiting together in one photo is pretty awesome!! I’ve got three feeders up, but mostly right now the birds are happy to be feeding in the junipers and hollies 20 ft from the feeders. Every day I see a few go to the feeder, I finally saw one of my Cardinals check it out couple days ago. I’m patiently waiting! 😊

  1. Hi Julie,
    I think he is the perfect Christmas bird! You are so lucky to get to see him regularly.
    I hope your holidays have been merry and bright and I wish you a peaceful end to the old and start into the new year.
    All the best for 2022.

    1. This particular cardinal was the perfect subject. Busy and inquisitive about everything and all the other creatures under the feeder. Lots of fun to photograph!

  2. Hi Julie – well you can’t get a more festive bird than this, and it is lovely to see him with the other birds and animals. Sorry that I am coming so late to this post, but I hope that you did have a lovely Christmas. Going in to the new year I expect you are starting to look forward to spring as the days slowly start lengthening … (of course it is the opposite here for us in SA!).

  3. One of my favourite US birds, stunningly red! Interesting to see in a couple of your shots the juxtaposition of this spectacular bird with the humble – and much less gaudy – Eurasian sparrow (popularly known here in some parts of the UK as “spadgers”, “spugs” or “cockney sparrers”). As a visitor to your country I find North American species of sparrow rather confusing, but there’s no mistaking the Cardinal. What a bird!

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