Flowers and Fresh Veg

Visiting woodchucks, rabbits, a racoon and even a bear made gardening more difficult than usual this year. Still, on a sunny July day, it seems worth all the extra effort.

Lillies overlook the beans, squash and hydrangea.
Basil is easy to grow from seed.
Tomatillos are a new veg for me this year. Salsa Verde recipes, anyone?
Hydrangeas sport a deep blue because of my slightly acidic soil.
Lady Belle Sweet Peppers growing on the deck.
Zinnias hiding from rabbits in the pots of Swiss Chard.
The parsley usually lasts right up until snowfall.
Perennial flowers topped off with a hanging basket of marigolds and nasturtium.
Salad Bowl Lettuce doesn’t seem to mind the heat.
Potato flowers emerging from grow bags.
Boston Pickling Cucumbers are a New England favorite.
Tall Phlox and Scarlet Emperor Beans share a trellis.
Basil and marigolds used as companion plants with tomatoes.
Carolina Gold Tomatoes
Eggplant, Cosmos and Zinnias
Hoping my French Haricot Vert Beans are “woodchuck proof”!
Annuals grown from seed.
Green and Yellow Beans With Marigolds
Luckily, I Planted Extra Marigolds!

13 thoughts on “Flowers and Fresh Veg

  1. Dear Julie,
    Your garden looks truly amazing (despite your losses to bunnies, bears, and other critters). I hope you are enjoying the fruits and vegetables of your labors. Your tomatillos make me dream of salsa and your basil of a fragrant pesto. Am getting very hungry now…😊
    Keep enjoying your gardening.

    1. Thank, Tanja. The tomatillos should be quite an adventure, as there are WAAAY more growing than I expected. πŸ˜‰ Every gardening year is so different, isn’t it?

      1. I can’t really speak from experience, Julie, as we are only growing flowers and shrubs, and not veggies or fruits. But I know that certain vegetables are very generous and subsequently get shared among various friends. That’s what you might have to do with your bumper crop of tomatillos.

  2. Hi Julie! I see that you’ve been busy! You have more veggies than the Kroger’s Market near me. You have a real veggie garden. Glad to hear from you. πŸ™‚

      1. I’m well and keeping the AC running as much as the electric bill! Thank you, Julia. πŸ™‚

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