Summer Sun

A variety of pollinators enjoyed my Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) in full bloom, as one of the resident rabbits watched the garlic harvest dry.

Eastern Swallowtail
Brown Swallowtail
Eastern Cottontail

Hardneck Garlic
Silver-spotted Skipper

7 thoughts on “Summer Sun

  1. Hi Julia, The garlic was ready to harvest, they look a big size. Do you pickle some veggies? I do.
    I guess that you must have great salads for lunch and keep the bikini figure. 🙂

    1. This is my first try at garlic, but they look good to me. Yes, we “pickle” some cucumbers my putting them in jars in the fridge. They last a few weeks.
      Ha! The bikini figure is long past! 😉

      1. All we can do is plant more milkweed. I wrote to my state rep to request that the MA DOT only mow the median strips in Oct./Nov. to provide pollinator habitat all summer. It would save $ (machine and labor). She was welcoming, but DOT never responded. I guess it is going to take a lot of letters for them to pay attention! We must keep trying.

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