21 thoughts on “Pumpkin Path Weekends

    1. Looking forward to your Halloween/Day of the Day displays, if you do it again this year. Also, thinking of you recently, as I am harvesting my tomatillos, which this New Englander is growing for the first time this year. Any fave way to eat them besides salsa verde?

      1. Thanks for remembering the Day of the Dead tombstones! Sure hope it will be a good, Covid-free autumn for parties. Believe or not, I have a nightshade plant intolerance that keeps me from eating tomatillos and chiles. But my friend Irene at My Slice of Mexico will set you up with a great recipe. See my Tuesday post for her link. πŸ™‚

  1. A wonderful splash of autumn colour (although I guess you might express that a bit differently, as “fall color” πŸ™‚). And I love the idea of Concentrated Black Cat’s Hiss!

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