First Fall Color

Foliage around Wachusett Meadow’s Wildlife Pond glows in the late afternoon sun.

The beaver lodge is enveloped in color.
Canoes await at the pond edge.
Sumac trees, such as the one in the left of the photo, are among the first trees to change color.
A closer view of the beaver lodge.
The sheep graze just above the pond.
View from the Observation Pier.
A long view of the pond as the sun begins to set.

22 thoughts on “First Fall Color

  1. Lovely fall colours. We were out today for a long walk and enjoyed the remaining leaves, before rain and wind wash them all away. Have a good evening. Allan

    1. It’s just starting up around the water areas. I keep reading two different foliage forecasts: one says fab color this year, the other says short and drab. Who knows!

    1. So funny, I was just chatting with Eliza Waters about that. I keep hearing totally different forecasts. This was just around the water, where swamp maples are always colorful. We’ll see about the rest…

  2. WOW! Wow! Wow! A wonderful view! Love the colors, reflects on the water,
    a magical composition for a cup of tea, coffee or chocolate and a pumpking pie.
    You are an artist Julie! Do you think in show your talent in an art exposition?
    Thank’s for share! Have a lovely time!

    1. Well, Elvira, your lovely comments surely made my day! ;- ) My photographs show mainly on my blog, although a number of them are featured on our local and sometimes state Audubon online sites. I’m retired, and photography has become an important hobby for me.
      Are you looking forward to your weekend? Here’s wishing you a good one!

      1. Always a pleasure visit your blog, Julie. That’s great, you are very creative. Still young with time free full of energy, with passion for photograph. Amazing! Keep enjoying! Thank’s for your kindness.
        I’m planing my weekend many things to do. Have a wonderful weekend! Best wishes as well!

  3. There is such a difference between autumn colors in New England and the West. Your various trees definitely offer a wider range of fall foliage than our aspens.
    Happy fall.

    1. Happy Fall to you, as well. Right now, the color is mostly just around the water area, but I am so looking forward to my favorite season of the year.

  4. So beautiful, Julie! It was great to capture the contrast of the still water with tree reflections, and the blue rippled surface reflecting the colour of the sky. The autumn colours are so beautiful over there.

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