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Golden Day

The foliage colors were muted in Central Massachusetts earlier in October, so it was a pleasure to be immersed in golden hues with pops of red this week at Wachusett Meadow.

North Meadow
Eastern Bluebird

Farm Pond
South Meadow
Wildlife Pond
Beaver Wetlands
Wildlife Pond Reflections

First Fall Color

Foliage around Wachusett Meadow’s Wildlife Pond glows in the late afternoon sun.

The beaver lodge is enveloped in color.
Canoes await at the pond edge.
Sumac trees, such as the one in the left of the photo, are among the first trees to change color.
A closer view of the beaver lodge.
The sheep graze just above the pond.
View from the Observation Pier.
A long view of the pond as the sun begins to set.

Pumpkin Patch Games

Farm-style versions of classic indoor and outdoor games are a treat for all at Bemis Farms Nursery on fall weekends.

Take a ghostly picture….

And pick a perfect pumpkin from the patch. Then test your skills on…

Squash Tic Tac Toe,

Milk Jug Toss,

Kan Jam (played with frisbees),
Ladder Ball (shown at the far left),
and an adaptation of the table top soccer game foosball.
Then try your hand at a farm version of Kerplunk ,
and wander around a “pumpkin tree” !
Can you toss a witch hat?
Have you ever tried pumpkin bowling?
Don’t forget to follow the Pumpkin Path!


The American Society of Agronomy tells us that agronomy is a “science and practice that looks at agriculture from an integrated, holistic perspective”.

The Agronomy Farm Vineyard in Oakham, Massachusetts is one of over 50 wineries in the state.

Agronomy’s 1.85 acre vineyard was planted in May of 2014 with half of the vines a red varietal, Marquette and the other half a white varietal called Cayuga.

The Winery is a destination for visiting as well as catered events.

The stencil “A” Agronomy trademark can be seen throughout the grounds.

Relax under a canopied patio near the pond!

Relevant Yesterday and Today

This classic New England style church in Oakham, Massachusetts (population 1,621) dates back to 1766. The Churchyard Cemetary, circa 1790, includes Revolutionary War soldiers.

SAR stands for Sons of the American Revolution, and honors those who served in the Revolutionary War.

For over 257 years, this site has been a gathering place for solace and reverence.

Where Rabbits Run and Humans Walk and Reflect

More late summer images from Wachusett Meadow.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbits have proliferated this year at the Meadow.

Raised-Lettering on signs, as well as an audio informational program available at the visitors center, allow the visually impaired to more fully experience the meadow along the All Persons Trail.
The North Meadow is a popular easy hiking area.

Cattails in the North Meadow are vivid harbingers of fall.
A section of the All Persons Trail leads to the South Meadow.
Bas relief sculptures aid in identifying tree and barn swallows.
Visitors to the All Persons Trail can greet Wachusett’s endearing sheep on the way to the South Meadow…
…and then continue on to a sunny resting spot .