Nike Up Close

A few days ago, I highlighted a beautiful Canada goose I named Nike in honor of its incredible wings. Yesterday, I was able to consider in more depth features of this prevalent New England bird.

Canada geese arrive at this pond at the Wachusett Meadow Audubon Sanctuary in early Spring and raise families before leaving in the Fall. Likeable and easy-going, they are comfortable co-existing with human visitors. I was able to easily photograph their famed “goose necks”, intricate layers of feathers, startling dark eyes, and bills that are perfectly attuned to their habitat. Because of my intimate visits with them, I no longer consider these engaging and attractive birds “just ordinary geese”!

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2 thoughts on “Nike Up Close

  1. Those geese!
    Aren’t they simply amazing!
    Some people are telling me re: my recent post, that they (the people) don’t like them (the geese) because of their poop, wrecking lawns, making them skid when they walk. etc.
    I did restrain myself, almost completely, by only talking to one person about human poop and the impact on the ocean, where I live.

  2. Geese ARE amazing! Each year, I look forward to the geese coming back to the pond at the nearby Audubon. It’s wonderful watching the goslings grow up!

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