Milkweed for Monarchs

In the late Fall, meadows in New England are bursting with milkweed pods, which furnish monarch caterpillars with the only food they will eat. A huge effort is underway to plant more milkweed to stop the recent decline in the monarch population.

bursting milkweedVersion 2

milkweed spiritmonarch eatingMonarh Butterfly on Milkweed Plant

About the author jmankowsky

I live in Central Massachusetts in the United States--a wonderful area for nature, art and culture. Using a compact camera, I celebrate daily life found here in a variety of local landscapes throughout the changing seasons.

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  1. I wrote this a while ago, but am taking the liberty to include a link for your possible review.



    1. Wonderful article! Some of my best memories of teaching first grade for 20+ years centered around hatching monarchs in my classroom, and releasing them into my school ‘s organic garden How sad l was during the couple of years we couldn’t find eggs and caterpillars in our area. So glad they are coming back.😊

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      1. That’s great! I am sure the experience left a lasting impression on your students.


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